Sample Cafe Brunch Menu

This sample menu showcases our favourite and classic dishes, please contact us if you would like to know more about our most up-to date brunch menu.

brunch @ rock salt

Rock Salt breakfast //9
Sausage, smoked bacon, Rock Salt beans, egg, black pudding, sautéed potatoes, roasted mushroom, roasted tomato, sourdough toast

The veggie breakfast //9
Roasted tomato, avocado, Rock Salt beans, buttered spinach, roasted mushroom, sautéed potato, egg, falafel, sourdough toast

Smoked salmon & scrambled egg //9
Lemon, dill pickles, toasted sourdough

Steak burger & smoked beef rib //15
Cheddar, fat chips with parmesan & truffle, kimchi slaw

Chorizo baked eggs //9
Spinach, Parmesan, chilli, tomato, sourdough croutes

The Breakfast bun //7
Bacon, sausage, egg, mushroom, crispy potatoes

8 oz Ribeye steak //20
Confit mushroom, smoked tomato, crisp onion, salsa verde, chips

Fish & chips //15
Beer battered hake, pea fritter, chips, curry sauce or tartare sauce

Rocksalt granola //6
Roasted oats, apple, coconut, mixed nuts, spices

Cheesey pesto avocado toastie //8
Spiced tomato fondue, poached egg, brie, baconaise

Kashmiri chicken curry //14
Coconut roti, toasted almonds, lime yoghurt, basmati rice

Sausage & mash //14
Beer braised onions, roasted garlic, honey mustard glaze

Truffled mac n cheese //13
Smoked tomato relish, garlic sourdough

Maple glazed pancakes //7
Crisp bacon, caramelised banana, hazelnut praline

Chargrilled & filled flat breads //9
Falafel, mint & hummus // Smoked salmon, dill pickles // Chargrilled pork, BBQ apple slaw
Served with fat chips or house salad

food allergies and intolerances: before you order your food and drinks please speak to our staff if you want to know about our ingredients.