Sample Brunch Menu

This sample menu showcases our favourite seasonal dishes, please contact the Restaurant if you would like to know more about our most up-to date brunch menu.

on toast & light bites

creamy mustard mushrooms on toast, garlic, parsley, chives 6.50 (v)
sticky braised beef brisket, muffin, poached egg, béarnaise 7.95
smoked mackerel croquettes, horseradish, pickles, chopped egg 7.95
eggs on toast, poached/scrambled/fried 5.95 (v)
maple glazed pancakes, praline, caramelised banana, crispy bacon 5.95
smoked salmon, scrambled egg, toast, lemon, dill pickles 7.95
maple cured bacon steak, fried duck egg, spiced tomato relish, avocado, béarnaise 8.95

larger plates

“the rocksalt breakfast”, sausage, bacon, black pudding, tomato, potato, beans, egg, mushroom, toast 7.95
“veggie breakfast”, avocado, tomato, aubergine, beans, mushrooms, potato, egg, spinach, toast 7.95
“hog mac n cheese”, thyme roasted mushrooms 8.95
“baked green eggs”, spinach, pesto, gruyere, chilli 7.95 (v)
poached egg and crispy bacon, tomato fondue, avocado, ciabatta, béarnaise 8.95
3 egg omelette, bacon, cheddar, chorizo, spinach, chilli, mushroom, tomato relish 7.5
chorizo sausage, baked egg, rock salt beans, herb croutons 8.95
harissa barbecued aubergine, burrata, pine nuts, crispy kale, chilli 8.95 (v)
crisp ale battered fish & chips, chip shop treats 12.95
300g “moorland” sirloin steak, crispy garlic mushrooms, peppercorn butter, fries, béarnaise 22.95


rocksalt burger, sticky brisket, cheddar, dill pickles, relish, slaw, fries 12.95
falafel, thyme roasted mushroom, dill pickles, relish, slaw, fries 12.95 (v)
the sticky pig, pulled pork, crisp belly, cheddar, bbq apple ketchup, dill pickles, slaw, fries 12.95

extras 1.50 each cheddar / smoked bacon / blue cheese / pulled pork / fried egg / mushroom / sticky brisket

sides 3.50 each

parmesan & truffle fries / fries / avocado / beans / thyme roasted mushrooms / sautéed potatoes / slaw

food allergies and intolerances: before you order your food and drinks please speak to our staff if you want to know about our ingredients.

(v) suitable for vegetarians, many other dishes can be customised so please do ask