Sample Dinner

This sample menu showcases our favourite seasonal dishes, and its been designed with you in mind. You can dine however you want, be it sharing a few dishes in a grazing/tapas style or a traditional three course style. It’s all about you and your night with us!

As the seasons change and ingredient’s availability can fluctuate, please contact the restaurant for our most up to date menu.

Toasted sourdough, nocerella olives, balsamic //5

“Salt and vinegar” doughnuts, caviar, cucumber, smoked mackerel //7

*Artichoke veloute, truffle, toasted sourdough //6

*Black pudding scotch egg, caramelised apple, tarragon mayonnaise //6

Hummus with aubergine, sesame, chilli, grilled flat bread //5

*Smoked Devon ham, fermented pineapple, baked coppa, crisp hens egg, brown sauce //8

*Devon beef buns, beef jus, garlic, mushrooms, cauliflower //9

Smoked & grilled watermelon, burrata, balsamic, basil, sourdough croute //8

Dartmoor venison faggot, pear, salami, crispy potatoes, red cabbage ketchup //17

*Seared smoked salmon, tempura soft shell crab, coriander, lime, wasabi //9

Crispy red gurnard, warm tartare sauce, sardine ketchup, crispy potatoes //15

Pork, prawn & peanuts, Chiang Mai spices, papaya, lime, shrimp noodles, crackling //17

Xo monkfish, kimchi choy sum, cashews, aubergine tempura //21

Spiced paneer, charred cauliflower, sweet potato dhal, chickpeas, puffed rice//14

Moorland fillet steak, tomato gratin, portobello, crisp onion, crispy potatoes //26

*Moorland lamb rump, polenta fries with feta & dill, almonds, salsa verde //23

“The sticky pig”, cheddar, slow cooked pork, bbq apple ketchup, crispy potatoes, fennel slaw //14

Steak burger & smoked beef rib, cheddar, crispy potatoes with truffle & parmesan, fennel slaw //14


Crispy potatoes parmesan & truffle
Brown butter broccoli almonds & raisins
Fennel dill & tomato salad
Polenta fries dill & feta
Aubergine tempura & fennel slaw //4

Vegan menu available on request

*denotes tasting menu dishes available on request for those of you interested in our 5 course option.