Sample Vegan Menu

Hummus & flat bread
Mint, chilli, sesame

Kimchi choy sum
Marinaded aubergine, coriander, cashews

Crisp unagi tofu
Pickled mushroom, tempura aubergine, ginger, wasabi

Smoked & grilled watermelon
Balsamic, basil

Pulled jackfruit steamed bun
Cucumber, sesame, soy

Charred cauliflower
Sweet potato dhal, puffed rice

Black sticky rice
Banana fritter, caramelised pineapple

Cocoa & walnut truffle
coconut sorbet

2 courses //19
3 courses //26
Tasting //45

food allergies and intolerances: not all ingredients are listed on this menu.
for advice on allergens, please speak to a member of staff before ordering.